Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello Kitty for your sweetheart, anyone? That's what customer Hafiq did! He ordered a dozen cupcakes with a Hello Kitty theme together with the words requested. Happy anniversary to you both! :)

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Cupcakes for Engineers!


Hello all! Now, who says engineers don't eat cupcakes? :P I was contacted by a customer of mine to design mechanical engineer themed cupcakes for her boyfriend's upcoming birthday. She ordered a dozen cupcakes (mixed) and told me that I'm free to do whatever I want, as long as I stick to the theme. Yes ma'am! :) I made a hard hat, nuts & bolts, gears, a protractor/ruler and a spanner. :D
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Cute Little Chicken!


It's so adorable! Look at it, with it's glasses and all! This cake was actually a last minute order by a friend of mine, Ceres. The picture was also taken by Ceres, by the way. :)

Prior to making Syukri's cake (in the previous entry), I was contacted by Ceres and she asked if I could take her last minute order of a cake shaped like a cute little chicken with glasses. Why glasses? Because the recipient of this cake is a man who sells chicken rice, and yes, you guessed it, he wears glasses! I suppose it is rather comical to symbolise the chicken and the uncle. Ironic, but pleasantly warm. Ceres told me how the uncle reacted and I felt so happy! The uncle was so moved by the surprise his daughter and colleagues had decided to surprise him with a cake on his birthday. He was 50, I believe. :) He was so touched by the act, he excused himself to the wash room and came back with red eyes and nose. (The effects you get after crying!) I'm so thrilled that I got to be part of what made him so happy that night. It's definitely something he will never forget and I am honoured to contribute to that. :)

Love always, 
The Enchantress
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Syukri's Car Themed Cake

First off, yes, I'm very sorry for the hiatus, but as you know, May and June are the months where knots are tied and ceremonies are held. Yep, you guessed it. Weddings! I've been so busy with wedding cakes and custom cakes that I forgot to blog about them as I make them! I promise I'll be much more up-to-date on cake postings etc. However, we are active on Instagram, just so you'd like to follow us there. ;)

Now, on to the cake!

Cute, isn't it? A cake made especially for 23 year old Syukri! I was just given a theme to do any small cake with a car design. Once again, I had the freedom to design it however I like. This time, I chose to go for a race track! (with a mini red Ferrari!)

My customer loved it! And so did her son.. (and daughters too!) It was beyond their expectation! I suppose they thought about a cream cake with toy cars on them or something! Given a budget and any theme, I'm sure we'll be able to whip something up for you. After all, surprises are the best, aren't they? ;)
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A Very Ombre Birthday

Monday, April 15, 2013
Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend!
So this week, I had an assignment to make goodies and cakes for a princess themed party.
That included a two-tiered cake, 4 cakes, 60 cupcakes, 230 mini cupcakes.

Have a look at these pretty things!

Specially made for 9 year old Asha.

The top tier. :) 
Ruffles ruffles ruffles!

I also had a request for the cake to be "elegant" and yet princess-y.
My thoughts on elegant? Something classy, and of course, shiny!
I got to use my luster dust for the first time! Have a look at the before and after photos!
A little dust goes a long way!



After the bottom tier was done, it was time for the ruffles!
It was tiring but I'm glad how it turned out!

The two tiered cake took me 7 hours to finish. Of course, I was watching several *cough* three *cough* movies as well since I did the cake overnight, I needed some company to keep me awake. I was happy with the results, though. :)

That's an ombre cake for the gift packs.

And it was cut into fours.

Ta-da! Pretty, right?
Fits a princess perfectly! ;)

Also, I took the initiative to buy a can of silver spray paint for the dowels. 
The dowels are the pillars that holds the second cake.
If you noticed, it's silver in colour! It shines, like the luster dust I used!
Of course, I spray painted the dowels, washed and dried them first before sticking them into the cake.
Pretty and elegant, isn't it? :)
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A Sticky Situation

Greetings from the hundred acre wood!
Say hello to Winnie the Pooh and Tigger!

This was a repeat order by Mdm. Faridah. Just last week I made her her rainbow petal cake. This time around are her daughters' birthday! Yes, two. Twins girls Yana and Yaty.

They really fancy Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and so that was the theme I was given.
Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to build the cake under so much expectation, until that Friday. (A day before the party). From what I remembered of my childhood days, Pooh's problem would always be not having enough "hunny". And Tigger would always aid Pooh with his problem. Let's give Pooh the hunny he's always wanted, shall we?

So here, I present to you,
(or Tigger will be presenting to you)

Pooh and his giant "hunny" pot!

Mdm Faridah said the cake should be enough for 20 people. No way an 8" cake would feed that many! This called for a second tier! (Right when I got the inspiration!)

After she picked up the cake, she complimented on how cute the cake is and that her daughters didn't want to cut the cake, for fear of ruining it! Aww, I'm really flattered!

Below you'll see my work in progress at 5AM that Saturday morning.

Pooh Bear and Tigger

We're almost done! Just need to add finishing touches to the hunny pot.

Have a look at that! That, my dear friends, is butterscotch sauce. A very generous amount was poured in to make the pot seemed like it was filled with real honey! Of course, using real honey would be a disaster. The colour and texture would be off from the ones we see in the cartoon. I figured butterscotch was just perfect! I mean, who DOESN'T like butterscotch?

and P.S.,


Alright, he actually just springs up and down on the spot.
What's my trick?  Have a look at his tail. I moulded it into a spiral, much like how a metal spring would go.
Just tap his head a bit, and...

Toing! Toing! Toing!

I regret not taking a video of it, though. But oh well, maybe next time. :)
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Rainbow Swirls

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Hello! So, here's another gifted cake.
(I just love gift cakes! I could do whatever I want with it!)

I made this for my mom's 50th birthday. She loves red velvet and cream cheese.
So I thought, why not change the colour of the cream cheese into, well, perhaps something colourful?
And classy, of course.
Feast your eyes on this pretty little thing!

Birthday girl and her best friends since kindergarten.

What's left after distributing the cakes evenly to 6 guests. :)

The Enchantress
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New Alphabet Stencil!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Adorable, right?
I love the font! Bought it specially for a friend of mine from college. She ordered this last week asking for a different font, but I broke the old stencil. Clumsy me! Oh well, it was an old one anyway. Have a look!

She ordered a chocolate Kit Kat cake with cream cheese frosting.
Classic! I love it!

And here's a picture from my friend.
Thank you Ceres! :*

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